Olpejeta Wildlife Conservancy

Located 17 km from Nanyuki town (Mt. Kenya region), this 90,000 acre conservancy is a 3 hour drive (217 km) from Nairobi or a 30 minute flight by air. It is a non-profit conservancy committed to conservation of wildlife, particularly the black and white rhinos as well as chimpanzees that have been saved from poachers and animal traffickers. The conservancy has East Africa’s highest concentration of black rhino and the only place you can see a chimpanzee in Kenya. It also has the highest densities of predators in Kenya. The funds raised through tourism are used for sustaining conservation as well as for local community development.

The conservancy is also known for propagating the genes of the Boran cattle. The Boran cattle are the most efficient breed of cattle that converts roughage to prime beef. The cattle are also resilient to dry conditions. The conservancy is actively exporting embryos and semen from pure Boran to other countries, thus affording Kenya, the much needed foreign exchange.

Apart from predators and the rhinos, herbivores are in plenty including the Elephant, Eland, Hartebeest, Grevy’s Zebra,  the common Zebra, Impala, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles and Warthog, among others. Also abundant are many species of birds. Visit the Morani Information Center located in the conservancy and get to meet Baraka (blessing in Kiswahili), a blind black rhino and learn about the late Morani (warrior), a famous tame black rhino and also learn many things about wildlife residing in the conservancy.


Ol Pejeta Sweetwaters 2 nights, Samburu 2 nights & Mountain Lodge 1 night (6 DAYS)



Ol Pejeta Sweetwaters 2 nights (3 DAYS)



Sweetwaters Serena Camp


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