Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria, Located 260 km northwest of Nairobi is a saline, alkaline lake with an area of 30 km². The lake is fed by two fresh water rivers and many volcanic hot springs containing large concentrations of sodium (bi)carbonates, making it favorable for the growth of algae, the major food for flamingoes. It has the planet’s largest population of lesser flamingoes giving its shores a magnificent pink hue. A visitor is mesmerized by the many geysers and hot springs located on the shores of the lake where one can boil an egg in five minutes. The surrounding areas are home to over 300 species of birds including the Ostrich and Fish Eagle. One may be lucky to spot the rare Greater Kudu. Primates are also well represented by a variety of monkey species.

Lake Baringo is a fresh water Great Rift Valley lake located 300 km northwest of Nairobi, just 40 km northwest of Lake Bogoria. This 130 km² lake is fed by three rivers and is well populated with fish and birds such as the Pelican, Cormorant and Fish Eagle. Crocodiles and Hippos too are abundant. This beautiful lake is surrounded by scenic volcanic ranges has an island that is home to traditional villages of the local people and where camping is available making the island ideal for both bird and hippo watching including boat trips around the lake. Lake Baringo is most ideal for a bird-watcher with 500 bird species (including Goliath Heron) are to be found many of which are extremely rare or otherwise seen only in this area.

lake_bogoria_5.jpgLake Bogoria 2 nights & Lake Nakuru 1 night (4 DAYS)


Lake Bogoria 2 night & Lake Naivasha 1 night (4 DAYS)


Lake Bogoria Resort & Spa (Bogoria), Lake Nakuro Sopa Lodge, Sarova Lion Hill Lodge and Flamingo Hill Tented Camp.

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