South Coast

The South coast is known for its beautiful beaches of white, clean sand and it is a preferred destination by those who want privacy while lazing, sunbathing and just stretching on the sand. The South coast comprises of Galu, Diani and Tiwi beaches. Galu is the farthest to the south and the newest but least developed though with a fine sandy beach. It is popular with the elderly for its privacy and country side scenery. A popular gateway located here is the Lantana Galu Beach Hotel which is about 5 km from Diani beach. Next is the Diani beach, considered the best beach in the south coast and located here are superb hotels. The last is Tiwi beach comprising mainly of cottages that are ideal for budget travelers.


Beach Resort 4 nights & Tsavo West 2 nights (7 DAYS)


Beach Resort 3 nights, Naivasha 1 night & Maasai Mara 3 nights (8 DAYS)


Leopard Beach Resort & Spa, Leisure Lodge Resort & Spa and Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa, among others.

Please note that the above package choices are proposals. Please contact Touch Kenya Safaris if you wish to have a tailor made package of where you would wish to go and for how long you would want to stay there.