Crescent Island (Lake Naivasha)

By boat, the Crescent Island (named after its shape) is located about 20 minutes away inside Lake Naivasha. This wildlife sanctuary (named Muhu Kangari Sanctuary) is home to herbivores including the Hippo, Giraffe, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog and Thomson’s Gazelle and several species of primates. Many species of birds such as the majestic Fish Eagle are to be found. Big cats are, however, lacking but the Hyena is to be found. One may take a refreshing guided nature walk which takes you to close proximity of the harmless wildlife (with exception of the Buffalo). Lake Naivasha is 90 km northeast of Nairobi. It is a Great Rift Valley freshwater lake measuring 177 Km². 







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